Notes of Love: Builders Care, Christopher Alan Homes celebrate milestone of no-cost home rebuild for Fort Myers homeowner

Builders Care board members and staff with homeowner Nancy Jackson

Lee BIA Builders Care, Christopher Alan Homes and community partners came together on Jan. 13 to write Notes of Love on the framework of a new home being built at no cost to a Fort Myers homeowner.

Nancy Jackson, a third-generation Fort Myers native, has lived in her residence for more than 20 years, but the home’s condition was deteriorating. Jackson learned of Builders Care, a nonprofit that provides emergency construction services at no cost to elderly and/or disabled homeowners. She had a small request for the organization to repair some damage around her home.

When Builders Care brought in partner Christopher Alan Homes, the scope of the project took on new life. Dilapidated flooring, plumbing, electrical and many other issues throughout the home presented significant safety concerns for the homeowner given her health issues and limited mobility. Rather than remodel, Builders Care and Christopher Alan Homes requested permission to demolish the entire structure and are now in the process of rebuilding a new, accessible home that will provide Jackson with greater safety and comfort for years to come.

The framework of the new home is complete, and more than two dozen supporters came together during a Notes of Love ceremony to celebrate the project milestone by leaving special messages on the walls and framework of the new home.

“With these Notes of Love, the Jackson family will always be surrounded by the community’s well wishes, words of encouragement and blessings,” said Crystal Stouten, executive director of Lee BIA Builders Care. “An entire home rebuild is a unique project for Builders Care, and it’s made possible through the generosity of Christopher Alan Homes. The level of thought and detail in their approach – even consulting with Nancy on which bathroom features she’d like included in her new home – is so appreciated and will change the trajectory of life for this homeowner and her family.”

Since 2005, Lee BIA Builders Care has helped nearly 500 individuals and families by providing A/C repairs, wheelchair ramps, roof replacements, remodeling projects and other critical repairs that allow deserving elderly and/or disabled homeowners, and their families, to live safely and comfortably in their own homes. Projects are made possible through generous donors and community partners who provide labor and materials to bring a project into reality.

“This was the first time in our company’s history to take on a project of this size, but it’s one that we jumped into wholeheartedly,” said Tony Schutt, senior vice president of operations at Christopher Alan Homes. “From the moment we saw the home, we knew that this would be a whole-home rebuild. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to help Ms. Jackson and her family and to make this home really special for them.”

When asked what this gift means to her, Jackson could summarize the significance in one word:

“Everything,” she said. “I thank God, and I thank everybody that did this for me. I appreciate everything. My dream really came true.”