Lehigh Acres family gets the gift of freedom

Lee Builders Care

Lehigh Acres homeowners, Kimberly and Mark, have suffered with many different surprises over the past two years.  It all started when Mark stepped on a nail.  Now, Mark, 44, will be losing at least part of his leg after complications from infection.   He has endured a total of 5 surgeries and is in pain twenty four hours a day. Mark lives in a home with his wife and it is not equipped with handicap accessibility.  There was no way to get Mark in and out of the house. “This is just going to make things so much easier for us.  I was beginning to get really scared about how we were going to manage,” said wife, Kimberly.

Lee BIA Builders Care, in partnership with the Center for Independent Living Gulf Coast, and many volunteers, installed a large 60′ ramp with 3 landings to provide safe and healthy access to the home.