Lee BIA Builders Care, Bonness, Inc. and ARGOS provide Life-Changing Ramp for Disabled Homeowner


Recently Lee BIA Builders Care was able to provide a much needed accessible concrete ramp for an elderly and disabled homeowner in need.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrews have lived in their Fort Myers home for over 42 years. In October 2019, Mr. Andrews (74) suffered a stroke while going about his normal daily routine. Since then, he has been in and out of the hospital multiple times and is no longer able to perform daily activities independently. These unexpected circumstances left them unprepared to make any type of accessibility modifications to the home, as their fixed income is just enough to cover basic living and medical expenses.

The most critical concern was their need for a ramp. Mr. Andrews had a very difficult time using the steps to enter and exit the home and would often rely on his wife, Iola, to assist in getting him in and out safely. Because Mr. Andrews is unable to work, Iola had no other option than to work part-time during the day to keep them afloat. This left Mr. Andrews extremely vulnerable during the day, and in the event he needed to leave, his safety was truly at risk. As a result, Mr. Andrews remained partially confined to the home for almost a year.

After learning about the Andrews Family, Bonness, Inc. and ARGOS quickly joined forces to provide the family with a much-needed accessible concrete ramp. The ramp was provided at no cost to the family and has made a world of difference for Mr. and Mrs. Andrews. The Andrews were truly overwhelmed by the generosity, and passionate efforts put forth by these companies. Most importantly, Mr. Andrews can now enter and exit his home safely, providing much comfort and ease for the family. A huge thank you Bonness and ARGOS for making this life-changing gift possible!


About Lee BIA Builders Care

The mission of Lee BIA Builders Care is to provide emergency construction services at no cost to needy and deserving elderly and/or disabled homeowners, and their families, who cannot obtain repairs through traditional means. Lee BIA Builders Care offers a full range of no-cost emergency construction services to improve the safety and health for needy seniors and disabled individuals of all ages by enlisting the expertise and donated services and materials of contractors, sub-contractors and businesses. To date, Lee BIA Builders Care has put more than $4.75 million in construction services back into the community at no cost to homeowners in need. Builders Care is funded through financial donations, grants and donated services and materials to provide emergency construction services to qualified homeowners throughout the community. Lee BIA Builders Care is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization under the charitable arm of the Lee Building Industry Association. Lee BIA Builders Care is headquartered at 6835 International Center Blvd. #4 in Fort Myers. Donations can be made online at www.LeeBuildersCare.org. More information is available by calling 239-938-0056, and by following Builders Care at www.Facebook.com/LeeBuildersCare.