Builders Care and Community Partners Construct Wheelchair Ramp for North Fort Myers Amputee


On Wednesday, February 1st, North Fort Myers resident Ann Ringe received a life-changing gift from volunteers and staff at Lee BIA Builders Care.

Ann is a single, elderly woman who resides in a lovely manufactured home community in North Fort Myers. She battled with an infection in her left leg for over 5 years. A small sore eventually grew into a severe and extremely painful infection that could not be treated with conventional antibiotics and healthcare. As a very last resort, doctors amputated her leg above the knee. She then underwent months of care and rehab to get her healthy again.

Ann now lives in a wheelchair, confined to her home without means to get outside without a wheelchair ramp.

Builders Care, generous community partners, and volunteers came together to build a wheelchair ramp for Ann this week. She is now able to come and go into her home with ease.  This ramp will not only allow her the freedom and enjoyment of the outdoors but also the ability to rebuild her strength and increase her overall health and enjoyment of life.

Thank you to the following contributors, sponsors, and partners:

  • WestCoast Structural Concrete and Masonry
  • Nilles Design Group
  • Center for Independent Living of the Gulf Coast
  • Honc Recycling
  • Grabber Construction Products
  • Gulf Coast Engineering
  • Raymond Building Supply
  • Garden Street Portable Restrooms