Roof Smart Partners with Builders Care to Help Fort Myers Homeowner


In response to a roof emergency for a Builders Care applicant, Roof Smart of SW Florida stepped in to help Builders Care provide a brand new roof to local Fort Myers homeowner, Nancy McPherson. The roof on her 1973 home was in dire need of attention, as a portion of her ceiling was severely sunken in and had been tarped for months to avoid additional leaks into the home. Peter Simeone of Roof Smart graciously offered to help after hearing Nancy’s story from Builders Care earlier this year. The company has been a valued building partner, completing over half-a-dozen projects in the last several years.

Nancy was a stay-at-home mom raising her 2 boys, while her husband Gary worked as a truck mechanic for over 30 years. Unfortunately, health issues always seemed to be present for the McPhersons. As a child, Gary McPherson had Poliomyelitis (polio), a viral disease that multiplies in the intestine and invades the nervous system. In 2012, Gary had his first stroke and could no longer work due to its lasting effects. He suffered 2 more strokes before 2014 when he had to have Brain AVM Surgery. Gary now lives with his son elsewhere so that he can get adequate assistance due to his health.

Nancy’s health issues also started at a young age. At the age of 12, she found out she had a breast tumor. In Nancy’s early twenties, she underwent a hysterectomy and had her gall bladder removed. In 2002, she suffered congestive heart failure, since that time, has had 3 pacemakers installed and uses a defibrillator permanently. She is also diabetic and relies heavily on oxygen and insulin.

Medical bills and medication costs are sky high for Nancy and her fixed income covers just enough for her to get by. This new roof is truly a blessing and has relieved major stress off the McPherson’s and will be appreciated for many years to come.We are extremely grateful for Roof Smart’s willingness to step in and help a local homeowner in need.

For more information about Builders Care, visit or call 239-938-0056.