We’re not sending millions to other states

Lee Builders Care

Have you ever heard that large non-profit organizations have to send a certain percentage of their raised dollars to their corporate headquarters out of state? You would be amazed at how many dollars get shifted to headquarters out of the area. Lee BIA Builders Care is unique in that 100% of the dollars raised stay right here in our local community. We have no overhead company that requires us to deliver quarterly funds out of state somewhere. We even have a unique partnership with the building industry association that donates our office space, utilities, supplies and more. Our overhead is small and that way, you can be assured that all dollars, hard work and efforts directly affect homeowners in our communities and neighborhoods right here in Lee County – 100%.

At Builders Care, there are lots of ways to get involved to make a difference for local homeowners in need. Daniel, 38, needed a handicap accessible bathroom so he could complete daily tasks on his own. Margaret was stranded in her home with no way to get outside unless a family member carried her in their arms down the steps. Esther was taken advantage of by a septic company and used her last dollar to fix the problem that continued to back flow into her home for DAYS. Mike lost his job and is raising two granddaughters with serious disabilities and his roof is leaking…BAD. These are real problems that your neighbors are facing right here in Lee County.

You can help make a difference for families like this. You can VOLUNTEER your time or your company’s talents. You can GIVE dollars generously to assist with project costs. You can ATTEND FUNDRAISING EVENTS to help support Builders Care and raise funds to help with costs. You can DONATE RAFFLE ITEMS to use at fundraising events. You can DONATE MATERIALS – new or only gently used please.

Your donations and involvement do a make a difference. 100%! Join the Builders Care team today! builderscare@bia.net