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Lee Builders Care

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More information about Builders Care:

Builders Care is the nonprofit charitable arm of the Lee Building Industry Association (BIA). Our mission is to provide emergency repairs and construction services to elderly, disabled and economically disadvantaged people who are unable to obtain home repairs through traditional means. To date, Lee BIA Builders Care has put more than $3.4 Million in construction services back into the community at no cost to homeowners in need.  Builders Care enlists the volunteer services of Lee BIA members and the community and leverages grants and donated materials to provide construction and remodeling services to qualified homeowners throughout Lee County.

For many elderly and disabled homeowners, Builders Care is the last hope to maintain any quality of life and to live independently in their own home.  Builders Care specializes in making homes handicapped-accessible, repairing roofs, siding and leaks, painting, making general repairs, and installing heating and air conditioning.  Recipients vary in disability and are recommended by area social service agencies, churches, fellow employees, neighbors, family and friends. Typically, this population seeks help with other agencies and has limited success obtaining assistance with home repairs.  They tend to have dire needs and live in some of the most unimaginable and deplorable conditions, as well as having no family able to assist them. Builders Care helps elderly and disabled individuals remain independent and continue living in their homes by providing home renovations and accessibility at no cost to the homeowner.

Please, visit www.LeeBuildersCare.org to learn more about our life-changing work.