Stock Development starts new home for family in Fort Myers

Lee Builders Care

Stock Development along with a team of more than 75 companies, kicked off a brand new home build on Tuesday, Oct. 30th for a local family in need. Among volunteers, donating companies and Builders Care partners, Bob & Mary Garcia shared their excitement with the crowd of about 75.

The Garcia family had been living in a small 4 bedroom, 1 bath house with an additional 8 family members living in a converted shed without proper electricity and no running water except a hose on the side of the structure. All 14 family members used one bathroom and there was a 5 minute time limit on showers for everyone.

The blended family made do with what they were given and Bob, grandfather of the group, often did the needed work himself to cut costs. The house was literally falling down around them and the Garcia’s did not have the money to do the necessary repairs. Each night, Bob, would go around the house and unplug everything and unscrew light bulbs for fear of fire burning down the only house they had.

Stock Development heard about the situation and jumped on board to help. In a matter of weeks, the team had a plan and a permit for the new structure. Over the course of the next two weeks, a team of companies led by project managers of Stock Development will completely build a brand new home for the Garcia family and reveal it to the family just before Thanksgiving. What a truly amazing gift!

Stock Development and their team are the true heroes of this project. Without their commitment to the community, the Garcia family would still be in danger in their own house. Special thanks to Stock Development and team for their outstanding gift. Stay tuned and watch the new home unfold