Stock Development launches Builders Care project no. 130

Lee Builders Care

Just a few short weeks ago, the Garcia family was living in a house that leaked terribly when it rained, had mold growth and had one bathroom for a family of 14. Stock Development, a local builder/developer, decided that they wanted to change all of that for this family. On Oct. 13th, VIPs with Stock Development in front of the congregation at Summit Church, presented the Garcia family with a key ring in the shape of a house to symbolize the new home that would be built just in time Thanksgiving.

On Oct. 30th, Stock Development kicked off Builders Care’s largest project to date. Stock Development and team raised the small 900 sq ft home and over the course of the next 17 days, Stock Development is leading more than 75 partner companies to build a brand new home to be revealed to the family for the first time on Nov. 16th.

Stock Development is a Builders Care Certified Building Partner for 2012; not only providing $100 for each home sale in its PASEO community, but also taking on this $130,000+ project. Without Stock Development, Bob and Mary and their grandchildren, would not be in safe and healthy housing. Bob Garcia would still go around the house unplugging everything at night for fear of fire, and the children would do their homework outside on a picnic table and never invite friends over to play.

Stock Development is changing lives right here in our community for families right here in Southwest Florida. They are truly committed to our community. Way to go, Stock Development.