More holiday surprises continue for retired local businessman

Lee Builders Care

This week is a special one when the community showed the true spirit of the holiday and are coming together to help a man in need. More than 120 Lennar employees, Builders Care volunteers and 50+ local companies kicked off the joint effort on Monday, Dec. 2nd followed by razing of the home in just a few hours.  Bob and his son, Dean, watched as the home was demolished.  “I am feeling overwhelmed and very very blessed,” said Bob Wingo.

Bob Wingo visits his wife in the nursing home every day while his home is deteriorating around him. The Wingo family will be able to live in a safe and healthy brand new home to be completed before Christmas. Bob & Judy Wingo have lived in this home for nearly 42 years and raised two children and adopted a third child at the age of 7 who suffered with disabilities.  Before Judy was placed in a nursing home in 2006, Bob ran a successful sign company in Fort Myers providing services to many builders, realtors and hotels. Bob has done his best to keep up with the needs of his home, but since he does not drive, he spends most of his time traveling to and from the nursing home to be with his ailing wife of 48 years via public transportation. Currently, the house has dangerous mold issues, and electrical, roofing and structural issues pose safety concerns.

To improve safety and the well-being of the Wingo family, volunteers demolished the existing home and will construct a brand new 1100-square-foot home in its place. The project is expected to be completed on Dec. 20, in time for the family to spend Christmas in their new home.