Lehigh Acres Mother in Need of Bathroom Renovation and Wheelchair Ramp for Disabled Daughter

Lee Builders Care

Lehigh Acres resident and foster mother, Paula Entwistle, is in desperate need of home repairs so that she can better take care of her disabled daughter. Builders Care is looking to the community for support to help them accommodate this family in need.

Paula Entwistle is a 57 year-old foster mother who takes care of her two adopted children, Brianna, 13 and Shawn, 24 who currently still live at home. Due to several medical disabilities, including cerebral palsy, Brianna suffers from brain damage and blindness. She is also confined to a wheelchair and cannot speak or walk. Paula’s son Shawn is terminally ill and was not expected to live past the age of five. Paula also takes care of her 84 year-old mother who is experiencing medical issues as well. Paula has two more adopted sons; one who lives in a group home for adults in Fort Myers and another son who lives in Indianapolis. Paula Entwistle is a mother that gives of herself tirelessly each and every day to do what she can for her family. Despite her struggles, she would not have it any other way.

Because of Brianna’s disability, Paula has to carry her into the bathroom every day. Their current bathroom is not wheelchair accessible and this makes it very difficult for Paula to manage basic needs for her daughter. The existing ramp of the family’s home is not safe and dangerous for Brianna and Paula, as well as her aging mother to use on a daily basis as they go back and forth to Brianna’s school and go to other family activities. Builders Care would like to redesign the bathroom to improve the handicap accessibility and provide an appropriately constructed ramp that will provide a safe and healthy environment for the Entwistle family.

However, they cannot do this project alone. They need the help of the community to make this project happen. If you can help in any way with this project, either by donating labor, materials or money, please contact Builders at BuildersCare@bia.net or 239.938.0056

Paula Entwistle and her 13 year-old daughter, Brianna, hope to receive much needed renovations for their home with the help of Builders Care and volunteers within the community.