Every Little Bit Helps

Lee Builders Care

Solving world hunger. Ending poverty. Educating under privileged children. These are all worthwhile efforts that people think about on a daily basis. While these are great causes to pursue, too often, people think that in order to help others it has to be done on a grand scale. They then get discouraged and end up not doing anything. It is the small and simple projects that can grow into bigger and better things that can potentially make huge impacts on others in our own community. We need to adopt the mindset that “every little bit helps”.

Builders Care is blessed with individuals and companies whose contributions and donations make a difference for people everyday. Some examples of “Every Little Bit Helps” can be found right here in our community and in the recent donations that Builders Care has received.

• Last month at a BIA membership luncheon, Stephen McKenna with Envirostruct won the 50/50 Raffle and generously donated his portion of the winnings back to Builders Care in the amount of $147, Thanks Stephen!
• Throughout the year, Bob and Lois Welch with Arthur Printing, donate all of the stationary that we need — business cards, letterhead and more. We received our new business cards this week! Thanks Arthur Printing!
• Whenever needed, Adam Irizarry with Palm Coast Landscaping offers his landscaping and land clearing services. Just this week, his crew of five cleared a path through an overgrown backyard so volunteers could work on the house. Thank you!

We love that we have volunteers that are passionate about what we do and get involved in our mission to help homeowners in need. Thanks so much to all of our supporters!

If you want to get involved and don’t know how, please give us a call. And maybe you are interested in one of these areas? Photography? Office assistance? Construction material takeoffs? Plans? Application Review? Fundraising? What “little” thing can you do today that will help others in a big way?