Devoted foster mother receives a bathroom makeover

Lee Builders Care

Builders Care teamed up with a group of area builders to give back to a devoted foster mother who has dedicated her life to the care of others. Over the past 25 years, Paula has fostered over 100 children; caring for each child and loving them as a biological mother would. Currently, she cares for her teen daughter and her 85-year-old mother who both have medical issues. Her teen daughter, Briana, suffers from cerebral palsy which rendered her unable to speak or to walk. This hurdle does not deter Paula from being the best mother as possible to her daughter.

Being Briana’s full-time caregiver is challenging. Every morning, Paula physically lifts Briana from her chair in order to bathe her and prepare her for the day’s events. This task is hard on both Paula and Briana because the doorway into the shower is extremely narrow and cannot fit her wheelchair. Due to the typical old bathroom style, Briana and Paula both have a difficult time preparing for the day.

To create a safer environment for a loving mother and her family, volunteers had to revamp the bathroom down to the wall studs and the dirt foundation. “It’s wonderful, it is so life-changing,” Paula spoke of the renovation during an interview with the News-Press. “Trying to carry her in without hitting her head or her feet… and she cried every time, she didn’t like the sprayer.” Now, the dedicated mother says Briana loves it.

Heidi Taulman from Builders Care said Murtagh and Meridian, the project leader, didn’t bat an eye. “Lynn said yes right away.”

If contracted, the bathroom renovation would have cost up to $20,000. Luckily, with the help of Builders Care, Meridian Construction, and a host of volunteers and supporters including 19 local building-related companies, Paula did not have to pay a penny.

The renovations from the 14-day project were made public on Thursday.

For Paula, this project is a true blessing. “God has answered so many prayers,” she said. “It has made it easier to get her in the shower.”