Committed to Keeping Our Community Cool

Lee Builders Care

Over the past three months, Lee Builders Care in partnership with Ferguson, Dr. Kool, Schultz Refrigeration and ParkerAire have worked to help improve the lives of three families in need by providing and installing brand new air conditioning and much needed home repairs.

Judy , 61, has trouble communicating after a stroke at age 53.  Judy worked for 16 years at the Lee County School Board as a paraprofessional with second and third graders until the stroke that forced to retire.  In 2007, while driving her daughter and new grandchild to the doctor’s office, Judy suffered a stroke.  She lost control of the vehicle she was driving and it went into the side of a house.  Thankfully, no one was injured very badly.  Although Judy now suffers with slurred speech. “I try really hard, but I can’t talk very well anymore and it is very frustrating,” she says.

Jacqueline, 48, is a single mother committed to giving her family a better life. Also a stroke victim with minor paralysis on her left side, she is raising five children, as well as working nights at a nursing home to make ends meet.  In between her other commitments, she makes time to attend nursing school full time.  Most recently, her mother had to move in with her after a fall left her unable to be alone. Currently, the 1700 sq. ft. house is cooled with one window unit.  The original 3 ton air conditioning has not worked for a year.

Don, 78, and Mary Kramer, 70, met in Chicago and have been married for the past 41 years. Due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), only 10% of Mary’s heart is working. She is on oxygen 24 hours a day.  Together they have raised six grand-daughters. Two of them are still in the home and attending Mariner High School. As you can imagine, heat only causes more strain on Mary’s condition and adds to her troubled breathing often causing hospitalization.

All three families received a brand new air conditioning unit. Together their companies contributed over $17,000 to changing the lives of a neighbor, one life changing gift at a time.