Cape Coral family gets much needed assistance from Lee County and Builders Care

Lee Builders Care

The Moore family has deep roots in Lee County and both Mindee and Shawn grew up in Ft. Myers.  After several years of trying to have children, they were blessed with twin boys in 2005.  Shawn and Mindee were overjoyed with their new additions, Camden and Blake.  A short 15 months later, Blake was diagnosed with Autism.

After a year of intense speech, occupational, physical and behavioral therapies, the family made a choice to move to Orlando where there was better treatment and schools for Blake.  Blake was non-verbal, developmental delayed and had many behavioral issues. Blake started school and was thriving, Shawn had transferred within Truly Nolen and Mindee was busy learning the ropes of being a mom of twin boys in two different schools. Then things changed dramatically for the Moore family on Dec. 19, 2008, when Shawn had an incident that landed him in the hospital for 3 months trying to get answers.  In March, the family’s worst fears became reality. Shawn was diagnosed Moya Moya, a rare brain disease that affect 1 out of 2 million people. When Shawn was diagnosed, doctors confirmed that his brain had suffered at least 4 strokes and was only getting 20% blood flow.  Shawn needed emergency brain bypass surgery. Before they could finish running all the tests to prep him for surgery, he suffered another massive stroke.  Shawn spent the next 4 weeks in the hospital recovering from the damage of the stroke and upcoming brain surgery. The surgery was successful and the family rallied around Shawn and brought him home in hopes that this was the end of the nightmare.

Mindee spent the next year taking Blake and Shawn to their therapy sessions. Almost exactly one year after Shawn’s first surgery, he suffered a severe Hemorrhagic stroke. The family was told to prepare for the worst.  Most likely, if he lived, he wouldn’t walk, talk and would have extensive brain damage. Shawn spent the next 4 months in the hospital fighting to prove them wrong. Against recommendations from doctors and therapists, who recommend that Shawn be sent to a nursing home, the Moore family brought Daddy home. Still in Orlando and away from our family, the Moore’s decided to move back to Lee County.  It has been 4 years since Shawn’s last stroke.  He has made significant improvements and although he cannot stand or walk for long periods of time, he is able to communicate and be around for his family. Throughout all of their trials, the family still feels blessed and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Shawn is in need of a handicap accessible bathroom and therapeutic tub. Builders Care and Lee County are partnering to provide this much needed assistance through the State Housing Initiatives Program.

Check out the Photobucket page for photos of the demolition and the rest of the progress as we get ready for the big reveal day.