CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! Assistance needed to construct wheelchair ramp for Disabled Veteran

Lee Builders Care

About the Family

William and Marion Henderson reside in a lovely mobile home park in North Fort Myers. They live alone but have a very close relationship with their daughter, Debra who lives in the northeast US.

William is a disabled US veteran who was once a trade carpenter. He now relies on the continuous use of oxygen to maintain a decent quality of life. He has only one lung and has a hard time breathing in addition to many other health issues. Marion serves as his caretaker but cannot get him in and out of the home herself. They both enjoy sitting in their garden and would love to spend more time together outside.

A wheelchair ramp would greatly benefit both Mr. and Mrs. Henderson. Therefore, Lee BIA Builders Care and community partners have stepped up to help construct a wheelchair ramp for the Henderson Family.

Contact us to get involved. 239.938.0056 or