An entire community inspires a true Thanksgiving gift

Lee Builders Care

Today was a special day when we got to reveal an extraordinary Thanksgiving gift to a family in much need in Southwest Florida. Just 17 days ago, the Garcia family lived in a run-down, small, 900 sq ft home with one bathroom that housed 14 people. It had a dangerous electrical system, harsh water, a severely leaking roof and not to mention the lack of necessary room for a family of that size. Stock Development chose to bless this family with the amazing gift of a new home before Thanksgiving. Just a short 17 days later, the Garcia’s were welcomed into their new home complete with 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, furniture, appliances and more. WOW!

This amazing gift was made possible by many volunteers and numerous companies joining together to make a difference in our local community. I am in awe of the generosity of so many people that were apart of this project. Over the past 17 days, Builders Care and Stock Development led a team of more than 75 local companies to demolish 4 structures on a property in South Fort Myers and rebuild that home in time for this family to have Thanksgiving dinner in their new home. People went way above and beyond in so many ways. There was the contractor who brought his kids out to the job site on a Saturday while his wife was sick. There was another who saw the condition of the basketball hoop and purchased a new one for the children. There were designers who thought of every last detail and personalized each and every bedroom with likes of the family. There were volunteers working day and night to keep the project on schedule. Twenty-five local restaurants donated food to feed the volunteers each and every day. There were selfless acts of kindness and love that poured into the building of this home for the Garcia family. We are so proud and humbled by our building partners and the community of Southwest Florida. YOU are truly making a difference in the lives of many. What a truly amazing way to give Thanks this Thanksgiving holiday by giving to others in need. One of our staff members said it best, “God loves a cheerful giver. And this project was full of nothing but cheerful givers.” God Bless.