An angel provides independence to 7 people in 7 days

Lee Builders Care

This guy takes volunteering and helping others to a whole new level. Builders Care gets nearly 10 new applications a week and cannot keep up with the ever growing need for services to help homeowners with emergency construction needs. But, this volunteer finds ways to help as many folks as he can and he is only one volunteer.

Builders Care board member and community supporter, Jimmy Rodgers, is building and installing wheelchair ramps for local homeowners in need. Over the past week, Jimmy completed 8 ramps all over Lee County for needy homeowners.

“We take this for granted,” Jimmy says. “Just being able to get outside of our homes or take a bath. These people can’t do that.”

Ramps number seven and eight were completed this week, while 5 others were completed last week. Builders Care provided Jimmy with the applications of homeowners needing handicap accessibility and mobility within their homes, and he provided all of the necessary materials and labor to make it happen. Ramp recipients included four homeowners in Cape Coral and three homeowners in Fort Myers, including one recipient who has spent nearly two years in a rehabilitation facility following an accident. In addition, another recipient suffers with multiple sclerosis and the new ramp gives her the ability to get outside on her own. And Jimmy went the extra mile with a woman suffering with blindness in Cape Coral when he built a curb for her and taught her how to use her new ramp using only a cane.

Jimmy is an inspiration and really resembles exactly what Builders Care is all about. A contractor who may be down on his luck, but continues to help out others in need. People like Jimmy should be commended for their service to others. Jimmy, we commend you.

Check out photos of Jimmy’s hard work and learn why Jimmy gives back . And here how one of the recipients thanks Builders Care and Jimmy.