A Successful Building Product Blow Out Sale!

Lee Builders Care

he BIA Builders Care Building Product Blow Out Sale was a success!

Outstanding weather drew in a great crowd of attendees to this event which occurred on Saturday January 16th, 2016.  Thanks to our patrons a total of $22,000 was raised. All proceeds from this event directly benefited Lee Builders Care. Our mission at Builders Care is to provide no-cost emergency home repair and renovation services to needy elderly, disabled and economically disadvantaged homeowners. Buyers flocked to our sale to purchase light fixtures, appliances, flooring, plumbing fixtures and much more. Thank you to all of our volunteers, the board of directors and patrons for making this another successful year.

Events such as this make it possible for Builders Care to help individuals such as Brianna and her family. Check out her story below.

Past Builders Care Project

In Feb 2014, Partners provided a handicap accessible bathroom at no charge to this long-time foster mom and her daughter, Brianna.

The Entwistle family consists of Paula, 57 year-old long-time foster mom, and her 2 adopted children and her aging mother.  Brianna, 13, has several medical disabilities including cerebral palsy that left her with brain damage and blindness.  Brianna is confined to her wheelchair and cannot speak or walk.  Paula is her full time caregiver and lives off the small subsidy provided for her and her adopted children. Paula also has two other adopted sons; one lives in a group home for adults with disabilities in Fort Myers and another lives in Indianapolis.

The bathroom in the home was ill-equipped and Paula was forced to carry Brianna into the bathroom each and every night until Builders Care renovated it and installed a new ramp.