A Random Act of Kindness

Lee Builders Care

Every day we are surrounded by random acts of kindness that, for the most part, go unnoticed. So, it is nice to take some time and recognize the people around us that are going above and beyond for members of our community.

Builders Care recently ran a story about Paula Entwistle and her family who are in need of home repairs to help their 13 year-old disabled daughter, Brianna. While Builders Care is still looking for volunteers to help with that renovation, the family encountered another situation in which they needed help.

Paula Entwistle was invited to attend an event in Orlando called Family Café, which is an educational seminar on caring for disabled children. This three-day event also included activities for the children while their parents attended class and the family needed financial help for travel expenses, food and hotel accommodations. Paula reached out to Builders Care to see if they knew of any individuals or companies that would be willing to sponsor the Entwistle family for their trip.

Builders Care is delighted to say that Representative Matt Caldwell, Gayle Reynolds and Butch Ritter came forward to help the Entwistle family to the tune of $400! These donations allowed Paula and Brianna to attend the seminar with peace of mind and they did not have to worry about the financial aspects of the trip.

Thank you for sponsoring this family and showing how you care for our community!